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Linnkup In-Room Tablet
Connect your hotel on Linnkup. Offer personalized guest experience and increase in-room sales and loyalty with a customized hotel tablet in each room.
Linnkup Smart TV
Make your TVs smart with our set-top box and please your guests by providing them unlimited internet access and all your hotel services. Boost your in-room sales and upgrade in-room entertainment.
My Concierge Mobile
Deliver your services on the go and in the moment. Interact with your guests before, during and after their stay.
Linnkup Travel Marketplace
Advertise your business on Linnkup. Join our Travel Marketplace, the perfect place to connect with travellers in your region and promote your products or services online.
Our Customers
Linnkup at hotels:

Implements state-of-the art room facilities.

Enriches the menu of hotel services and enhances their quality.

Provides supreme web and mobile tools for sales and marketing.

Attracts guests with highly effective visual promotions and cross-selling suggestions on a regular basis.

Increases average spend in Food & Beverages and other hotel services and uplifts revenue from in-room sales (retail and retention).

Reduces the printing cost of many directories in the hotel.

Strengthens the relationship between the hotel and its customers.

Interconnects the hotel online with the local market.
Cruise Ships & Yachts
Cruise ship passengers today have high expectations for onboard services. This includes Intra- / Internet access, messaging systems, networking, travel guides, offers, information for excursions etc. services.

Cruise ship managers on the other hand need to communicate, control, manage information, utilize marketing tools and provide personalized

Linnkup in Cruise Ships is an integrated guest services solution that enhances the travel experience, providing all cruise services and furthermore:

  • Interconnects the Cruise Ship online with the local markets of its destinations.
  • Provides onboard information for events and activities.
  • Creates Mobile Personal Concierge.
  • Builds the Cruise Ship Social Network. The customers can upload not just comments, but their own travel experiences.
  • Provides services per room or per group of rooms.
  • Sends messages from reception, room service and other departments.
  • Makes culinary, drinking and shopping suggestions.
Local Market
Each company that produces and promotes tourism services to travellers-guests of hotels, or is located in the local market of the destination in which these hotels are established, and needs to be advertised in this certain target audience, joins the Linnkup network and acquires direct access to the traveller’s market.

The advertiser’s ad appears on the In-Room Tablets, Smart TVs of hotels and on the guest’s smartphone, giving to the end user the ability to book preferred services online.

  • Excursions
  • Transfer/Taxi
  • Air tickets
  • Car rental
  • Travel Agents
  • Massage
  • And many more...
  • Restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Bars
  • Shopping
  • Services
  • Unions
  • And many more...
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