Linnkup In-Room Tablet

The perfect tool to delight your guests and increase loyalty. Offer personalized guest experience in the hotel & uplift your in-room sales with a Linnkup hotel tablet in each room.

Our In-Room Tablet, offered as a portable room set, includes the Oneset software and a tablet device. It’s an integrated business tool that offers a full range of services to hotels’ guests during their stay, such as room service, internet navigation, as well as information and effective recommendations for events, offers, dining, entertainment, shopping. The hotel managers have now the ability to personalize their services, according to their guests’ room type, group or special features.
Linnkup Smart TV

Make your TVs smart with our set-top box and please your guests by providing them unlimited internet access and all your hotel services. Boost your in-room sales and upgrade in-room entertainment.

With Linnkup Smart TV we expand the role of television in the hotel room. We install with ease our Oneset-top box on the hotel room TV and upgrade it at a low cost to smart TV. From now on Linnkup TV offers the guest free and fast internet surfing and the full range of hotel services. Furthermore, it enhances digital entertainment in the room by enabling the playback of the customer’s personal music and movies.
Offer a handy tool to your guests
As every minute matters and guests tend to spend quality time in the hotel, our friendly-user kit is an easy-to-use convenient tool that communicates customized content and offers time efficiency to all customers and a stay well spent.
Increase your average spend
Linnkup offers amazing features to communicate, upsell and cross-sell, assuring a certain increase of the F&B revenues. Inside the rooms or in common areas, the room service is available without directories and phone calls, whilst the dining and drinking choices are fully included without any limitations. It presents the hotel’s services to all guests in a more interesting, attractive and accessible way, boosting your sales.
Share information & promote events
The co-branded In-Room Tablet and Smart TV solution, due to its frequent use, offers the opportunity to communicate straight to your guests any kind of information, limited or special deals, effective suggestions, all the facilities and promotional activities that currently run inside the hotel.
Travel Marketplace: the new value-added service for hotels
On Linnkup, hotels and guests are connected online with the local market, creating an advanced Travel Marketplace. Your customers gain a rich and reliable travel guide, whilst your business has new value-added services and generates new revenue sources.
Business portal & service management
The management of services on Linnkup is a simple and particularly interesting process. Permitted users acquire access in Business Portal and certain services, such as Web2Mobile CRM with social listening, Content Management, Offices, Group Management and Messages. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s effective.
Enhance your guest experience and business value
Happy customers visit you again and again. Linnkup is here to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty in a way never seen before. It focuses on the personal services that the guests will experience and consume. The menu of services is formed per room and per group of customers in different rooms.
My Concierge Mobile

Deliver your services on the go and in the moment. Interact with your guests anywhere, anytime.

My Concierge Mobile is not an ordinary hotel presentation application, but an advanced personal assistant for your guests. My Concierge Mobile offers hotels services and a great digital experience before, during and after the journey. It is available as a native mobile Co- Branded application that can be installed and function on your guests’ smartphones.

Hotel Services on the go
My Concierge Mobile offers a full operating system with useful services and content for your customers, such as Please Check-in/Check-out, I’m here, Mobile Reception, Food & drink Suggestions, Reservations, Transfer, Taxi, contact hotel managers, and many more, right here, right now, on the go and in the moment!
Guest Messages
The hotel can communicate with its guests anytime, sending personal messages, related updates, offers and promotions. On the other hand, the guests can connect with the hotel for check-in, checkout, reservation travel services, concierge services and many more.
Hotel Mobile Social Network
Linnkup incorporates an innovative hotel-oriented mobile social network, where customers are free to enjoy the joy of uploading and sharing, not just comments, but also their own travel experiences. Offering the ability to review and upload their personal opinion will help you in developing and improving your hotel’s services.
Social Media Events
Linnkup connects with Facebook, reinforcing the marketing activities of the hotel. Via the “Experiences” service on My Concierge Mobile the end user has the ability to post on Facebook and send custom-made postcards, by combining ready-made pictures of the hotel, text and instant photographs of the guest.
Travel Marketplace
On Linnkup hotels and guests are connected online with the local market, offering to your customers an advanced Travel Marketplace. They now have a complete and reliable mobile travel guide in their hands, easy to access anytime.
Powerful marketing tool
My Concierge Mobile app in combination with Linnkup’s business portal is a dynamic promotional tool, as well as an effective sales channel for your hotel, which enables you to send personal offers and mass mobile brochures. It builds permanent and interactive relationship with your customers.