Our Company

Oneset ICT Services is new Greek start-up company in the field of developing and providing content management services and telecommunications. Founded in February 2015 by young scientists, the company is the culmination of activity and interest in the field of telecommunications, information technology, broadband and content services with high added value. As startups in the field of new technologies and innovation, Oneset aspires to a significant positive growth having an active business planning to develop services based on contemporary needs that today's information society requires or demands. In the core business of Oneset are the Oneset CVAS Platform (Cross Value Added Services), the IT infrastructure and telecommunications in the Service Center, and the expertise in operational planning processes, developing and providing advanced electronic services.
Our Customers

Oneset customers are: Businesses with integrated electronic services and commerce solutions that combine: 1. the creation of cutting-edge services with clear added value for their customers, 2. The creation of modern relationship management tools with their customers and social listening, one2one marketing, content management and advanced promotional services and advertising and 3. the use of the internet, the cloud services and wired and wireless broadband telecommunications infrastructure. General consumers with combined telecommunications and content services that utilize their smartphones, smart TVs and personal computers. More specifically, the joint provision of everyday care services, communication in social networks, media, smart home, e-commerce and tourism.
Our Vision

The vision of Oneset is to be the protagonist in the Greek market and expand in the international market, in the field of integrated services and high added value content, using modern telecommunications and information technologies. With its services to companies, Oneset aspires to emerge for each company-customer individually, as a major business and economic development partner. With its services to general consumers, Oneset envisions international recognition in the field of interpersonal and group communication content.
Company Operation

Oneset ICT Services operates with professionalism and consistency. Investing in human resources and cooperative relations with mutual trust and respect for the uniqueness of every person. We use many sources of expertise, research, and information on the market. We apply advanced operational procedures. We design, develop, innovate and provide high-quality systems and services.
Corporate Responsibility

Oneset ICT Services in its business includes measures affecting:
  • The society, for the exploitation of new technologies for the benefit of man, serving his needs.
  • The environment, for the awareness of all people and improving quality of life.
  • People with disabilities, by developing accessible applications.
  • The culture for the promotion of human values.
  • The personnel of our company, in the direction of mutual respect and the strengthening of corporate consciousness.
  • The corporate governance, in a transparent, legal and fiscal consistency combined with safeguarding the interests of shareholders.
  • The strategic partnerships, dealing them with respect and consistency in the development and safeguarding of interests of partners.
  • Relations with clients, increasing the range and quality of provision of our services, constantly enriching the experience of our customers.